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08:53pm 30/06/2004
  It's been ages since I've updated.. Currently I'm working for the City of Monterey as a Recreation Leader. The job would be fine, except I got stuck at the park that gets no lunch break, so I work 7-8 hour days without a lunch break or any kind of breaks at all, as you can imagine this leaves me extra exhausted after each day.

I feel so guilty.. I have only picked up my trumpet maybe only three times since summer started. I am afraid I'm just losing interest in everything. I have no idea what I'm going to be doing after the summer ends.. I am finished at MPC, but my laziness and lack of money stopped me from trying to transfer in this Fall. And the school I want to attend, UC Santa Cruz, is not accepting transfer students in the Winter of Spring. This means I am going to have to wait till Fall 2005. I honestly think a year off school might help me out though. Lately I have been really confused as to the direction I'm heading in life and I could use the year to think things over.

I am playing trumpet for Hello, Dolly! at Western Stage which starts in about a months time. So at least that will force me to keep my chops up in the meantime.

Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story is currently playing in San Francisco and I wish more than anything I could be up there doing it. I saw it on opening weekend and the theater they are at is so awesome.. 800-seater. And the seat and the new actors are awesome. There is about 5-6 original cast members doing it as well. If things work out I might be able to join the cast in August. The trumpet player doing it now, who is also the understudy for Ritchie Valens, isn't the best player, and I heard that he might be moving on before the run is over to another show. I could really use this, time living in San Francisco, away from home.. and the experience are the main reasons.. But there is also the fact that I would be making quite a large sum of money for a musician my age.

I'm still crazy about my cars if anyone was wondering. Over the summer I am going to be doing the bodywork and paint of my 1966 Malibu, changing it from black to silver. Let's just hope I don't have to sell it in a year to be able to afford tuition.

Another thing I have been up to lately is shooting pool.. The month of June I was a member at Easy Street, and bought a very beautiful cue. I have been playing in 9-ball tournaments every Thrusday and I'm really enjoying it. It's almost scary how much I'm like my dad.. When my dad was my age all his money went towards his car, which was a 1957 Chevy 150, which was notorious in this neck of the woods in the mid-60s. And then my dad was also very into pool, playing almost 2 hours a day. These were the reasons my dad got drafted and was sent to Vietnam.. His grades fell because all his time was spent racing or shooting pool.. lets hope history doesn't repeat itself completely.
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One long Sunday afternoon..   
11:06pm 14/03/2004
  By request of Lizzie, I'm going to update my journal for once..

Today was my first Sunday in 5 weeks that I had free from theater, and I spent it quite nicely. I woke up at 8 so I could meet my cousins from Sicily that are in town for breakfast at Rosines, they are pretty cool cats, 23 and 25 and are really digging America. I took them for a ride in my 66 Malibu, which they love and then dropped them back off at my aunts house at which there staying.

I then got to work on my English essay due tomorrow (Monday) And got about half of it done, its on Euthanasia (Bleh!) Interesting topic, but just.. boring! My English 2 teacher loves me though, on my first paper I got a 100, and he told the whole class how I was the first student hes had in two years to get a 100 on a English 2 paper. I think its mostly due to the fact that most of the kids in the class are dumb and don't know the difference between an attribution and a citation. hah.. But yeah, Allston James kicks ass, and if any of you kids go or are going to go to MPC, get him for English! I like him, and I know Evan likes him, hes a good teacher.

Anyway, at 2 today I went over to Bertos house, we had a awesome BBQ/Wrestlemania 20 party. We barbequed chicken, hotdogs, hamburgers, good stuff.. We also mixed a huge batch of white russian, like seriously we made a gallon. Boy did we ever feel like the Big Lebowski. And Wrestlemania was not bad at all. Berto is leaving tomorrow for his home country of Mexico. He is spending two weeks down there visiting family and stuff, good for him.

scary fact : for those of you that know him.. Daniel Wolfe is now 21 and has his drivers license.. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good fact : The first car-show of the season is next week, followed by the All-American Get-Together in Pleasanton on the 27th! :-)
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11:11pm 07/03/2004
  Well, Blood Brothers is now over. It was a fun show, but I'm not all that sad its over.. I need some time to catch up in school and get other stuff together. The cast party was at Allegros and the owner was a real asshole. He was making fun of Berto for being Mexican and telling Danny and I that we were nobodies. I think the three of us should have beat his ass.. but considering how much he donates to Pac Rep.. err..

but all in all this weekend was great, especially the weather! I missed cruising around in my 66 Malibu with all the windows down. I got a quite a few thumbs up this weekend, and the occasional "nice car!". I do hate how stupid some people in this town are though. I pulled up next to some girls my age, in a newer convertible mustang, blasting there country crap.. And they made fun of me, laughed and drove off.. What do you think it was that caused them to make fun of me? The fact that I was listening to GOOD music? Or maybe the fact that I'm a loser because I paid for and am fixing up my car MYSELF instead of my mommy and daddy buying me a brand new Mustang? arrgh..

why can't this be a 3-day weekend? oh well..
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11:02pm 04/03/2004
  Blood Brothers is closing this week!! Will you come see it? Pretty please? With sugar on top? http://www.pacrep.org

If someone comes to closing day on Sunday I can invite one friend to the cast party at Allegros after the show. :-)
My interior is done!!   
02:08pm 09/02/2004
  Well.. done for the most part.. I still have to order some bezels and my dash strip for it to be perfect, but here is the link, its the 2nd album, hope you like it! http://f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/weckzilla/album?.tok=phO4snABf56OLB4a&.dir=/My+Photos&.src=ph
hope the link works now!
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I'm going to be broke..   
10:18pm 21/01/2004
mood: bored
Blah, time for an update.. My vacation has been very boring.. if its even still considered vacation since I've been taking an early spring class.. Humanities 10.. Not so bad, we barely do any work. In other news, I'm about to be broke off my ass.. I spent $700 last week on a sound system for my 66 Malibu, and now its getting its interior painted by this dude Leo, $800 there.. and then I just ordered some parts for my car.. like a new black dash, four black seatbelts, nice custom floor mats, door sills, and the cap that goes in the center of my steering wheel.. so there is another $500.. and on Wednesday I am taking my car to this Mexican in Watsonville named Cortez, he does really good work and is going to do my interior.. Reupholster the seats (Which I decided to do black vinyl), new black headliner, new black upholstered door panels, and new padded black carpet for $1700. Yeah, I know.. I'm crazy.. Next after that with the little money I have left I need to get heating/defroster hooked up in my car, which won't be all that expensive.. and then it will just be paint and body.. and other minor little things.. and I'll have me one great car. But who knows when I'll get around to doing the paint and body since its going to cost me between $4,000-$8,000 depending on how much money I have saved up at the time and how well I want it to be. So yeah, if anyone likes my car and wants to donate money to the "Help A.J. restore his 1966 Malibu fund" any donation would be appreciated. :-) I can only hope that Blood Brothers, which opens February 12th btw, will keep getting extended so I make more money.. because I really don't want to find a real job, blah.
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10:09pm 04/01/2004
  I say, let my children have music. For God's sake, rid this society of some of the noise so that those who have ears will be able to use them someplace listening to good music. When I say good I don't mean that today's music is bad because it is loud. I mean the structures have paid no attention to the past history of the music. Nothing is simple. It's as if people came to Manhattan and acted like it was still full of trees and grass and Indians instead of concrete and tall buildings.  
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03:43pm 24/12/2003
  The last few days have been way hard on me.. my friend Rachael Patrick died on Monday. Most of you probably read about it in the paper. We were friends for the last 3 years or so. We were both part of this ska band, even though the band was only together for like 5 months and we never played a gig.. I got to know her pretty good during those 5 months. I hadn't seen her in a few months, and was actually thinking on Monday, before I found out the news.. how wonderful it would be to see her, because we haden't talked for a while, and that I was going to call her during the break.. I was even looking at her old website yesterday.. Well, I hope everyone has a merry Christmas!

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all things come to an end I guess..   
12:46am 21/12/2003
  Tomorrow is the last day of Buddy. I don't know if I should be sad, or extremely happy or what.. But this last week has been exciting, the real Maria Elena Holly is here once again, like she was for closing week in San Jose, shes a really sweet lady. She is all about keeping her husbands name alive. My finals went good.. I got an A in Astronomy and a B in Statistics.. so yeah, I'm happy with the results. I made two mp3 CDs for Zoe roughly around 200 of my favorite songs, about half of the songs were jazz. And today Zoe told me that I have the absolute perfect taste in music, best shes ever encountered. So as you can imagine, I was very flattered. I have been hanging out with Zoe a lot since Cabaret ended, shes one awesome girl. I'm so glad that I'm finally going to have some time to do.. NOTHING. I've gone so long without a job and school, so not having either will be great! I'll finally have time to work on my cars, especially doing some major stuff on my 66 Malibu! I haven't had time to do much since July. Hope everyone has a merry Christmas, blah.

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Well, about time I update..   
08:05am 11/12/2003
  So, for those of you who are curious to what I've been up to in the last 2 months or so.. I finished Buddy in San Jose, the last weekend Maria Elena Holly, Buddy's widow came to watch the show! It was a great experience, she even got on the stage and danced to the last number. I got a few days off after ending Buddy and then I started Cabaret at MHS where I was playing trumpet for the pit. Which wasn't too bad, the music was challenging enough to keep me interested, and I met some new people. Then the day after Cabaret closed I started The Buddy Holly Story again back in Carmel, and now we're on our 4th week of that run. My classes (Whats left of them) are doing good.. "A" in Astronomy and "A" in Statistics. For a little exciting news, I bought another car on Tuesday! This 94-year-old nice lady sold me her 1965 Malibu. With only 41,000 miles. Only problem it has the little 6-cyl engine, but hey.. its good for my everyday driver, I'm going to be getting way better gas milage in it than my hot rod 66. Anyway, I should be selling the Jeep soon I hope.. Too many cars.. And in other exciting news, I'm going to be playing trumpet for Blood Brothers at Pacific Repetory Theatre in February-March. I'm way excited! HERE are some pictures of the 1965 title or description title or description
and the black one is the 66, which one do you like better?
title or description
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Bad day..   
12:44am 17/10/2003
mood: crappy
Today was just an overall terrible day.. I'm so sick of Buddy right now.. I get treated like shit and get paid $4 something an hour.. I lost my keys sometime during the show, luckily I have a hide-a-key.. on the way home my car was acting up.. I barely made it home, I think I blew my radiator.. but I'm not sure.. too dark to check now, it'll have to wait until the morning.. but all I know is that it can't be expensive. I have no money. I almost am starting to wish I didn't get a classic car.. its costing me a mint. And to top the day off those fucking Yankees won. And people have been ignoring me lately. But I don't blame anyone.. I'd ignore me too.
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08:39pm 14/10/2003
mood: exhausted
My head is constantly spinning.. I need a break.. I need a vacation so bad. I have done 50 shows for Buddy Holly.. driving to San Jose and back 5 days sometimes 6 days a week since August 3rd.. luckily I only have two more weeks in San Jose.. and the last two shows are going to be pretty freaking rad. Maria Elena Holley, Buddy's widow is going to be there, so I'm pretty excited. In other news I hate my sister Nicole.. shes 25 , almost 26 still living at home.. and she only dates 18 and 19 year olds.. its really sick.. I can't have a night in peace anymore because she always has all these guys over younger than me! Is anyone willing to move out with me? I'd need a roommate.. and I really really want to get out of my crazy house.. I'm missing the overnight field trip to Lake San Antonio for Astrononmy because its closing weekend of my show.. so I'm kinda upset about that.. everyone else is going to be having fun.. but it'd be crazy of me to miss a show after making it this far. I'll get out of here eventually though.. Buddy is going to LA and San Francisco next year.. and you better believe I'm going with the show.. I won't mind taking a semester off though, I mean look at the experience I'm getting.. If anyone is interested in seeing Buddy Holly while its in San Jose.. http://www.sjstage.com or in Carmel when it comes back.. http://www.pacrep.org
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10:21pm 08/09/2003
  My life has just been sooo busy lately! But I'm handling it well I guess. Buddy Holly is going good! Sunday was Buddy Holly's 67th Birthday and we had a cake and stuff after the show and Travis, our Buddy, blew out the candles.. And I did get my raise.. they are paying me decently now for the show. Wednesday will be the start of our 5th week of the run.. with 6 more weeks to go.. I was telling Marlee how professional theater is the complete opposite of High School.. High School shows have 3 months of practice, 3 weeks of the show.. we had 3 weeks of practice, and 11 weeks of show.. hah! Lets see.. my life outside Buddy.. my astronomy teacher is funny as hell! and I've been playing ping pong and foosball a lot at MPC. The next two weekends are going to be depressing.. Cherries Jubilee.. the first year I have my car.. and.. I can't go.. too busy with the show.. then the next weekend.. The Monterey Jazz Festival!! This will be the first time in 4 years I haven't performed at it and it'll be quite sad.. that and Bill Berry being gone. I'm going to try to go Saturday during the day, but thats about the only time I can go.. :-( And Seth Putnam and Tanya Darby are going to be the guest artist with the all-star band! if you don't know them.. they were both MHS trumpet players.. both professional musicians now. And both were a huge influence on me when I was just a little guy learning how to play trumpet. But I guess its worth it.. Not many of my peers can say they have a gig 5 days a week that pays and to top it off you get to have fun.. Well, enough rambling.. hope everyone is well.  
Not school!!   
10:01pm 24/08/2003
  Well, my summer is coming to a close.. This last week was great! We had some great crowds for Buddy, and a standing ovation every night! We got good reviews from The San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury. We found out that the show is either moving to San Francisco or maybe even L.A. next year! So as you can imagine I'm way excited.. if it moves to San Francisco I'll just have one heck of a drive and no time for homework.. if it moves to LA I'll have to live there and go to school there or take a semester off.. but it'll all be worth it! Tomorrow I start school.. I'm taking Astronomy, Statistics, and English 2.. so it won't be that bad at all.. MW I have class 10-12, 1-3. On Tuesday I have class from 10-12, and no Thrusday classes, on Friday 10-12.. so I'll still hopefully have plenty of time to do homework and see friends.. But I'm getting way close to the cast of Buddy considering they are mostly way older than me.. next Sunday we are having a party at Mark's house who plays Hi Pockets.. we are going to watch old movies and it should be a blast. And oh yeah.. Friday night some of us from Buddy rushed over to MPC and saw Rocky Horror! We got there about 20 minutes late but oh well! It was great! I'll never forget seeing Berto as Dr. Scott, haha! But yeah.. time for sleep.. Hope everyone is doing well..  
11:05am 16/08/2003
  I was so excited to do Buddy Holly in San Jose.. but it blows.. I sign my contract.. for less money than I was getting in Carmel.. but hey, I didn't mind.. it was only $20 less.. But then.. the asshole director Rick makes me be an extra in the photography scene.. which wasn't a big problem.. but then.. the day before opening he makes me be a stage hand! So now instead of just sitting around till the last scene, I'm doing something the whole show! Like today, I have to be at the tech rehearsal at 1:30, when I'd normally have to be there at 7.. Well, in my mind, time = money.. so I've been bugging them to raise my pay.. if they don't, I'm going to pack my bags real soon. They aren't even paying me enough for food and gas.. When I broke it down I was getting less than $2 an hour. So they are totally taken advantage of me.. I'm there as a trumpet player! I barely have time to pick up my trumpet because I'm so busy worrying about scene changes and mics and shit like that.. Today I'm going to kick some major ass. I deserve to be getting paid as much as everyone else.. not the least out of the whole show..  
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12:00pm 07/08/2003
  Last night rocked.. My parents are in Reno, and my sister gone, so I had some cool people over.. it was Chris, Justin, Jules, Berto, Jose, David, even Peter Fry made an appearance! It was a good crowd to have in one place at one time.. We watched Daredevil, played video games, drank our asses off.. Haha, we are totally all losers though.. We all attempted to call girls, and how many girls showed? None.. Oh well, it was fine as a guys night. I have work the next two days and thats it.. I'll miss Borders! It was a good job, and nice coworkers and all.. I'm planning on visiting MHS tomorrow too.. I figure I have nothing better to do.. and soon I won't have time to do anything.. But now.. I must go eat!  
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09:32pm 30/07/2003
  Well, I haven't updated in a while.. and so much has happened since.. I'll keep everything brief though since I am very tired and will elorborate later.. Anyway.. on Sunday Michael Jackson came to Borders with his kids, and body guards the whole nine yards and bought a bunch of stuff! More on that later.. also.. I'm doing Buddy Holly Story in San Jose for the entire run.. It previews August 13th and will most likely show until the end of October at the San Jose Stage Company in downtown San Jose. I'm excited.. I even get to take a headshot to be in the window of the stage and stuff like that.. I am also going to be an extra in a few scenes most likely.. how cool would that be? I'd be way nervous though! I never even acted in High School plays.. let alone a professional show in San Jose!! I also put my two weeks in at Borders today.. there is no way I can do school, the show and work.. I probably won't even be able to handle school and the show!! But everyone loves me there, and I'm sure they'll hire me back in a flash when I'm ready.. maybe in January! I also have a gig with Standing Room Only (SRO) Big Band on Monday night.. lots of cool stuff has been happening lately!! And last but not least I have been seeing a lot of my coworker Caitlin.. we are both way busy and who knows if a relationship would work.. but I totally dig her! And oh yeah.. I'm going to somehow manage to work these next 9 days in a row before I leave Borders... I am probably going to end up calling out sick at least twice though.. I have rehearsals for Buddy.. er.. I'm too busy.. Here is the URL for Buddy... http://www.sanjose-stage.com time to rest!  
My day off, woohoo!   
11:46am 21/07/2003
  Yesterday was a fine day off.. I started off by sleeping in, then I woke up and watched National Security which I had rented, it wasn't that great, but still pretty fun in some parts. Then I picked Roberto up and brought him to the Pac Rep, while there I was invited to the cast party BBQ at Tandy's house after the show! I already had plans to play in a softball game at 4, and we got our butts kicked.. but I went 3/3.. then I went to the BBQ. We had a huge hero clix game going with Berto, the horn players Danny and Conrad and Jules and Colin.. of course we didn't finish it. After the BBQ most people went to this guy Don's house but I stayed with Jules and Colin. We met up with Marissa, and then Peter Fry.. We were pretty bored so we took a long walk together and just talked about college, fun fun. Then we went to Peter's parents house where his sister was throwing a party.. his parents were out of town. I met some awesome people there! So yeah, it was a nice day off! And then today I don't work till 5. Everyone must go to Broadway Street in Seaside on Friday night btw, there is a sweet car show there!  
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12:13am 11/07/2003
mood: geeky
Anyone want anything from Borders these next three days? I get 40% off for Employee Apprecation Days. :-) Drop me a line if you do. I also found out that Buddy Holly is going to be playing for like a long time in San Jose starting in August! And I am most likely going to do it! Damn, the play rocks so much!
Hello baby!   
11:49pm 07/07/2003
  Well, my weekend was pretty cool! I had Saturday and Sunday off, and I deserved it after working Fourth of July night.. :( The Buddy Holly Story is the coolest thing I've ever done! The cast was really nice, and the music is great! Plus I get paid $40 a night, which isn't bad.. Thats how much I make in like 6 hours of work at Borders! Sunday night, I was bringing Berto home after the show and we were having a little fun with the Malibu.. I decided to floor it, and guess what happened? The gas pedal got stuck down.. :X I was slamming on the brakes but I was still going faster and faster, finally Berto reached down and pulled the pedal up after I had probably already reached 100mph on Hwy 1. Good thing he was in the car with me! I probably should get that fixed.. huh? Anyway, not much else is going on.. I have been way too busy with everything to do much.. Somebody should call me Thrusday or Friday during the day.. and we can go cruising.. I don't have work those days, just Buddy.. Goodnight!  
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